Wonderfox DVD Ripper Pro Review 2020 – Price & Discount

Wonderfox DVD Ripper Pro Review and Rating $14.95
Wonderfox DVD Ripper Pro

Name: Wonderfox DVD Ripper Pro

Offer price: 14.95

Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows

Application Category: Utility

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The Wonderfox DVD Ripper Pro is definitely a good choice. It can rip DVD fast and it also has some customization features which are really helpful. However, It has both Pros and Cons.



  • Fast Ripping Speed.
  • Good UI
  • GPU Acceleration
  • Bypass Restrictions
  • Converts to Various Formats


  • Not Free

Ripping a DVD is still a thing these days. So, This Wonderfox DVD Ripper Pro review can help you to know about this software.

In past years, DVD and Blu-Ray usage have been declined slowly. But, A huge number of people still buy DVDs/Blu-Ray Discs. And also many of them already have a huge DVD collection. If you are among them, you may not want to lose these movies, shows. So, DVD Ripper tools are here. This Wonderfox DVD Ripper Pro review explains it in detail including Pros and Cons. If you need a DVD Ripper it can be a good option. But, Before that, I suggest you go through this review article.

Wonderfox DVD Ripper Pro Main Interface

Wonderfox DVD Ripper Pro Review

Like the HD Video Converter Factory Pro, this DVD Ripper Pro is another product from Wonderfox. It can rip your DVD or Blu-Ray movies to digital copy and store on your HDD. To improve your DVD ripping experience, It has some cool features. In this review, you will know about them.


There are some useful features available on this software. Here are the most highlighted ones.

  • Rip a DVD to video, ISO image and DVD Folder with 1:1 quality
  • 3 steps for the whole DVD ripping and conversion
  • Constant supports for latest new & classic old DVD including Movie, TV show, Tutorial or Fitness (P90X/T25/…)
  • Fastest speed (Personal Best: less than 10 minutes to rip a DVD to digital)
  • Automatically find out the right title from 99 titles as well as remove region code
  • Rip DVD to tablet, phone, TV, handset, and other devices

It has all the features that you need while ripping a DVD.

Wonderfox DVD Ripper Pro Ripping DVD Movies

Fast DVD Ripping Speed

The Wonderfox DVD Ripper Pro can rip a DVD at a very fast speed. Within a few minutes, you can rip an entire DVD to any available video format.

Rips DVD from a Disc, ISO Image, and DVD Folder

Not only from a DVD or Blu-Ray disc, but it also can rip from a DVD folder or ISO image file. That is a fantastic addition. So, Now, It is not a matter what is the DVD source is. You always can rip it.

Wide range of video formats

Supports Various Formats

You can rip DVD to various video formats. Because Wonderfox DVD Ripper Pro supports so many formats that are ideal for various devices. As a result, You can Rip a DVD movie not for your PC only, but for an iPhone, iPad or an android phone/tab.

You also can clone a DVD to ISO archive. Also, there is option to rip the entire DVD to a DVD folder on your HDD. It means you can backup your DVD in almost every format you want.

Wonderfox DVD Ripper Video Editing

Basic Customization and Video Editing

This DVD decoder has some amazing features that will help you to edit the video, change resolution, bit rate for both audio and video. It also can change audio and video quality.

GPU Acceleration

It is one of the most needed features in modern DVD ripper software. The Wonderfox DVD Ripper pro has GPU acceleration. It means while decoding a DVD video, it can utilize your GPU power. It reduces pressure on the CPU and speeds up the process. However, you also can set CPU priority. It means it can utilize both CPU and GPU at the same time to rip an entire DVD within a very short time.


The UI of Wonderfox DVD Ripper Pro is excellent. It looks modern and simple. It is very easy to use. When you open this software, You will see all the options in the dark window. That is good for your eyes especially if you are in a dark room. It means It has a dark mode by default. All the features are accessible very easily. I don’t find any major issues with its User Interface.

Wonderfox DVD Ripper Pro GPU Acceleration

Wonderfox DVD Ripper Pro Performance and Details

The overall performance of the Wondefox DVD Ripper Pro is good. You can Rip a DVD to any supported format you want. There are plenty of options to customize your experience. You can change video resolution, audio quality, bitrate and fps before ripping a DVD. You also can choose from plenty of formats for different devices and web. It also can remove region code and bypass restriction. So, You can rip any DVD or Blu-Ray disc. All of these functions work perfectly. The DVD ripping speed is amazing. However, It uses GPU acceleration. Having this option improves the DVD ripping speed.

Overall, This DVD decoder has amazing features, performance, and user experience.


After reviewing the DVD Ripper Pro, I have not found any significant downsides. However, To get the full experience, you will have to purchase this software which price is not that cheap without a discount.


You can test it at no cost. But, To get actual benefits, you will have to purchase this software. The Wonderfox DVD Ripper Pro price starts at $29.95. It is a lifetime license valid for 1 PC. However, TechClassy audience can get it at just 14.95 USD.


This Wonderfox DVD Ripper Pro review explains everything about it. So, Now, It’s your decision should you use it or not. But, My recommendation is positive. Because it is a good DVD ripper software out there and you are getting it at a very cheap rate.

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