Home Review SystemCarePro 3 Review - A Tool to Optimize PC Performance

SystemCarePro 3 Review – A Tool to Optimize PC Performance

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SystemCarePro 3 Short Review & Rating
7.1 of 10 points 1 review
  • Features - 8/10
  • Performance - 8.5/10
  • Interface - 8/10
  • Price - 4/10


The SystemCarePro is a software which can enhance Windows PC performance by cleaning up junk files, temporary data and applying some optimizations.


  • Quick and Deep Scan
  • Schedule Scan
  • Startup Optimizer


  • Expensive
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To optimize PC performance, We often depend on PC optimization software. However, This SystemCarePro 3 review may help you If you want to know more about this PC optimization tool.

There are several reasons Windows PC tends to become slower over-time. The most common reasons are junk files, corrupted registry entries, excessive startup items, etc. To fix this type of slowing down problems you can depend on System Care Pro. As it is a premium software, You should know about it before purchasing it. In this case, This review article will help you to decide.

SystemCarePro Found Junk Files

SystemCarePro 3 Review

The SystemCarePro 3 is a tool that can clean junk files, fix corrupted registry entries, etc. This very lightweight (Typically 11 MB) software can also apply some optimizations that improve your PC’s performance and stability. However, Let’s dig deeper.


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These are the major features of this SystemCarePro.

  1. Scan and Clean Junk Files
  2. Clean and Fix Registry
  3. Deep scan and Clean Unwanted/Unnecessary Data
  4. Startup Optimizer
  5. Duplicate Finder
  6. Schedule Scan and Clean
  7. Customize Scan Areas

These are the major features you will notice while using this PC optimization tool.

Cleaning Urgency level

Deep Scan and Clean

Like other similar tools, it can run a basic scan and clean the junk files. But, In addition, you can run a deep scan to find out more unnecessary data like caches, cookies, temporary internet files, logs, memory dumps, corrupted registry entries, etc. Later, You can delete them by a single click.

Fixes Registry Entries

For many reasons, Registry entries may become corrupted. After uninstalling any software from your computer, it may leave the registry entries on your computer which is basically unnecessary. The SystemCarePro can clean these entries and save disk space.

SystemCarePro Deep Scan

Duplicate Finder and Startup Optimizer

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It has a featured called duplicate finder which is aimed to clean-up duplicate files and frees up disk space. The startup optimizer is another simple but very useful feature. Generally, Startup manager on windows taskbar doesn’t show all the items that run automatically when you turn on your PC. But, The Startup tab on the SystemCarePro does this job better. It shows the programs that run during startup and stays active in the background. You can disable them by unchecking them from the list. It improves the PC boot time and performance.

Customize Your Experience

The SystemCarePro 3 can optimize your PC automatically. But, you also can customize and do something manually. You can set a custom schedule when it will scan your PC. You also can set which areas it will scan and which type of files it will or won’t scan. It gives you a lot of flexibility which is undoubtedly a good thing.

Scan Areas

User Interface:

The user interface of SystemCarePro 3 is very clean and sample. It is very easy to use and navigate between options. The UI should not be a major concern as it does its job very good. However, the overall outlook of this software seems a bit dated. The developers could make it look a bit modern.

SystemCarePro Performance and In-Depth Analysis:

Personally, I have used its premium version on my PC to know about it in details. Here are the details.

After the first time installation, When you open the SystemCarePro, it will start a quick scan. Then, It will show the cleaning urgency level. It’s a necessary feature that helps users to understand PCs health status better. It is shown as low to high in green to red color. Green means cleaning is less necessary. But, Red means you have so many junk files which should be cleaned up to get back your PCs normal performance.

However, After scanning the PC, it notifies users by a female voice after finishing the scan process. You can view the logs of the files which are going to be deleted and export it as an XML file on your PC.

Overall performance of this software was good. Its scan process was fast enough. When you try to clean the junks, SystemCarePro automatically creates a system restore point and then run the clean process. Later you can view all the system restore points from the system restore option which can be found under the Tools tab. You can delete individual restore points to free up the disk space.

Startup Optimizer SystemCarePro 3

However, After cleaning for the first time, Users should notice at least minor performance improvement on their PCs like me. Overall the performance of this tool is satisfactory.


Undoubtedly the major downside of SystemCarePro is its price. It’s not free software and has a huge price tag. Also, there are some scopes of improvements.


The SystemCarePro has a free trial version with some limitations. But, The standard version costs $99.99 and the Premium costs $149.99.


In this SystemCarePro review, You have already got some idea about this PC optimizer. It is actually a powerful tool which is aimed to boost your PC performance. I recommend you to try its trial version first and if it fulfills your needs, you can decide to upgrade to the full version.

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