The stable version of new chromium-based Microsoft Edge is set to release on January 15th, 2020.

In 2018, Microsoft had announced a New edge browser based on Google’s open-source project Chromium. We were waiting for a beta. That wait was over a few months ago. Users were testing the developer builds of Edge Chromium. But, Today, Microsoft has announced the release date for a stable Chromium-based Edge browser. In a small post on Microsoft Edge Insider website, they have made it clear that the expected release date is January 15th

Chromium Based Microsoft Edge Screenshot

Is January 15th Really the New Edge Browser Release Date?

Microsoft has just announced it in a post. Their statement was-

We’re also excited to announce that version 79 is the final Beta before general availability of the new Microsoft Edge. Over the coming weeks, we will carefully monitor your feedback and make a final set of fixes in preparation to launch the stable channel, which is expected on January 15, 2020.

So, the date is not guaranteed. But, You can expect the New Edge will be released around January 15th. However, If you are too impatience, You can test the Canary edition.

Extensions on New Edge

How to Download the Latest Edge Chromium Now

It is very easy to do. Thanks to Softpedia. Now, You can download it from softpedia. To do it, follow the link below.

You can now download it directly from the Microsoft. To do it, follow the link below.

Currently, Dev and Canary builds are available to download. You should download the Dev addition as it is more stable. But, Canary build will get more frequent updates.

Microsoft Edge Chromium Extensions:

Now, You can add your favorite extensions/add-ons to the very fist insider version of edge. Microsoft has already make the store live.

MS Addon Store Link:

How to Install Extension from Google Chrome Store

As the store of Microsoft has a few collections, you may want to install extensions from the Google Chrome store. But, How to do it? Well, You can follow these procedures.

  • First of all, In your new edge browser address bar, type edge://extensions/ and hit enter. It will lead you to the extension page.
Allow Third-Party Extension Store Edge
  • Now, Look at the bottom left corner. Tweak the switch “Allow Extensions from other stores.”
  • You will see a new popup. Just click on “Allow.”
  • Now, Go to the Chrome Extension Store by following this link:
Adding Grammarly in Edge
  • Then, Find your favorite extensions and install it in your new Edge browser.


Right now, This Chromium based Edge browser is not a public beta version. It is a developer preview build. So, It can cause various issues. Though, In my test, I have not found any problem till now. Even, I’m writing this post from the new Microsoft Edge.

The New Chromium Based Edge Dark Theme

An interesting thing is the Microsoft’s brand new browser doesn’t have a dark mode feature yet like the original one. But, This feature is included as experimental. So, You can enable it manually.

  • To enable dark theme, Type edge://flags/#edge-follow-os-theme in the address bar and hit enter.
  • Now, Find the option “Microsoft Edge theme” and enable it.

The dark theme is not yet complete. Because, It will just add black layout in a few places. The settings page won’t be dark. In upcoming releases, MS will improve it.

Sync Capability

As the new browser is in still in development state and not yet finished for even a public beta, MS won’t allow users to sync its sensitive data like passwords, history, addresses, phone numbers etc. But, It will only sync favorites only.

Under the sync setting on this browser, MS included this notice

More of the features listed above will become available for sync in the coming months.
Your browsing data will sync across all your signed-in devices using Microsoft Edge Insider Builds.

So, You should wait for a few more months to see a complete chromium-based Edge Browser. It will be released on January 15th, 2020.

Join Edge Insider

To get the first public beta version, you should join the Edge Insider Program from this link:

If you already have been using this Edge chromium, let me know how is it your overall experience.