IObit Uninstaller Pro Review
IObit Uninstaller $8.12
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Name: IObit Uninstaller Pro

Offer price: 8.12

Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7

Application Category: Utility

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If you are looking for a simple, modern and user-friendly uninstaller, go for this IOBit Uninstaller Pro.

User Review
4.67 (3 votes)


  • Modern UI
  • Uninstall Programs Completely
  • Stubborn and Windows 10 Built-in apps remover
  • Remove Bundleware


  • Often recommend other IObit products
  • No dedicated junk cleaner

You may be looking for an uninstaller program for your Windows 10 PC. So, This unbiased IObit Uninstaller Pro review may help you a lot to have the right choice.

In these days, Smartphones and PCs are full of crapware, bloatware, etc. Often, Users can’t delete or uninstall them properly. To remove them including any unnecessary apps, you need a program like IObit Uninstaller. This program has been developed by IObit for Windows PC users. But, How is it and why you may want to install it? Go through this review, you will find the answers.

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IObit Uninstaller 9 Pro Review

When we uninstall any programs from Windows, there are still some files remain as the leftover in your PC. We can remove them manually or by using third-party programs. If you already have the plan to try one of these third-party programs, this IObit uninstaller review can help you.

We use Windows installer to install or remove anything from Windows PCs. But, It’s not enough as it doesn’t remove everything related to that program from the registry and other places. But, IObit uninstaller has the ability to remove everything from the scratch. In addition, It has some amazing features that can supercharge your experience.

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It has excellent features that have made it awesome. Here are the most significant features.

  1. Unwanted Programs Uninstaller
  2. Bundled programs remover
  3. Clean Leftovers of Already Uninstalled Programs
  4. Web Browser plugins, advertisement plugins, extensions, and add-ons remover
  5. Problematic Windows update remover
  6. Windows 10 built-in Universal apps remover
  7. Adware and malicious plugins remover
  8. Autoscan for leftover files
  9. Leftover remover
  10. Important Program Updater
  11. Auto Updater

The IObit Uninstaller 9 Pro has much more feature. The current version 9 is also better than the previous version. The above-mentioned features are major and noticeable. But, You will find more when you start to use this program.

Uninstall Any Apps and Programs Easily

IObit Uninstaller Pro allows you to remove one or multiple software from your PC at once. It removes them completely and deletes any leftovers remained on your PC. When you uninstall any app or program from your Windows computer, this program will automatically scan and show you the leftover files. You can choose to remove or keep them. You also can uninstall the non-removable and stubborn programs from your PC. It will not require any manual efforts.

Delete Leftovers of Already Uninstalled Programs

You may have uninstalled many other apps or tools before installing the IObit Uninstaller 9 Pro on your PC. Don’t worry. The current version of this program has brought a new feature that allows you to remove any leftovers of already removed programs on Windows. It is a very new and extremely useful feature. I have not seen this feature on any other uninstallers.

Remove Browser Add-ons and Universal Windows 10 Apps

Another great and helpful feature is browser add-on remover. From this software, you can delete browser addons and extensions of all of your browsers. Currently, Windows 10 comes with some crapware and bloatware. Typically, Users can’t remove them. But, By using IObit uninstaller, you can easily get rid of these unnecessary pre-installed Windows 10 apps.

Software Updater

The new IObit uninstaller also has a built-in software updater feature. Outdated software can cause many problems including security risk for your PC. In this case, This feature may help you.

Other Things

The good thing is, if any recent windows update creates any problem on your PC, the IObit uninstaller pro can remove that update too. It also can protect you from malicious plugins, adware, and extensions by eliminating them from your computer. If you have a huge list of software installed on your PC, you can find a specific one using the search box. The pro version users can enjoy much more benefits. For example, IObit Uninstaller Pro automatically monitor software installations, update software and also remove leftovers rather than manually. It also has many more benefits that you will slowly discover.

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It is a program with excellent features and a decent interface. The interface is much more user-friendly and also better than most of its competitors. When you launch this program, you will see a modern user interface with all the necessary options in the home window. In the left sidebar, you will see all the options like All Programs, Bundleware, Recently Installed, Large Programs, Infrequently Used, Software Updater, Toolbars & Plugins, Windows Apps and, Action Center. In the menu that you will find when you click on the three vertical lines icon on the top right corner, you will see some hidden features. These are also very useful. Overall, The UI of IObit Uninstaller gives you almost no opportunity to complain.


When I tested this program, I have not found any issues. The performance was very smooth and promising. There are not many things to tell about the performance. It’s just so good.


Though IObit Uninstaller is a very good program, it still has some lackings. The new leftover remover for already uninstalled programs seems half baked. It needs some improvements. Unlike Revo uninstaller, it doesn’t have a feature like Hunter Mode which lets you uninstall stubborn program more conveniently.

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It has a free version. The pro version is not expensive. IObit Uninstaller 9 Pro is cheaper than its biggest competitors. Normally, You can get 3 PC license for just $19.99 per year. But, Tech Classy visitors can have a big discount. You can get it just for $14.77 for 3 PCs per year. If you want even more discount, you can buy it at a bigger discount. You can get IObit Uninstaller Pro at just 8.12 USD if you use the following link.


Hopefully, After reading this IObit uninstaller pro review, You have got some idea about this product. I definitely recommend the pro version. But, Before that, you can try its free version and decide if you want to pay or not.