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How to Fix Origin has Encountered a Serious Problem

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If you often play games on PC, you may know about Origin. This article explains how to fix origin has encountered a serious problem and must close.

In fact, it is one of the common origin problems that users often encounter. It may appear in any situation. However, This problem mostly appears while trying to login to origin or during PC start up or right after opening the origin client. There might be many reasons that cause this origin error.

Antivirus/firewall conflict, network problem, third-party service issue, corrupted settings or cache, outdated system components, etc. can cause this problem. However, You always can fix origin has encountered a serious problem error. This article is going to explain the troubleshooting guide clearly.

How to Fix Origin has Encountered a Serious Problem and Must Close

Whenever you encounter this or any similar problem, there are some methods you can follow to troubleshoot. Here are the most effective ones.

1. Clear Origin Cache:

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This is the first initiative to fix origin has encountered a serious problem. Because, When the cache is corrupted, origin may crash and show you various error messages like this. So, Clearing the cache can save your day. To do it, follow these instructions.

  • At first, Press Win + R. It will open RUN.
  • Now, type %ProgramData%/Origin and hit enter. It will open a new Window. Where you will find all temporary files of origin.
  • Now, Delete everything except LocalContent folder.
  • At last, Restart your computer.

Hopefully, You won’t encounter the origin error again. If yes, you can follow the next methods.

2. Make Sure Antivirus/Firewall is not Interfering

Sometimes, Antivirus or Firewall may interfere the game or the origin client update process. As a result, you may encounter this problem. To get rid of this type of situations, make sure you have disabled antivirus or firewall temporarily. If you see now, everything is working, just enable the antivirus and add origin in exception list. It may help you to fix origin has encountered a serious problem.

3. Turn Off Auto Update

Sometimes, The problem can be a bit different. You may only face this problem when origin client tries to download an update for a game. So, In this case, You can turn off the auto update for games and restart the origin client. To do it, follow these instructions.

  • At first, Navigate to Origin > Application Settings > Automatic Game Updates.
  • Now, Turn off the Automatic Game Update.
  • At last, Restart Origin Client.

It should fix origin has encountered a serious problem.

4. Clean Boot

The clean boot is another effective way to troubleshoot this problem. In fact, It is useful to troubleshoot many Windows 10 problems. Anyway, Third-party services that load automatically during Windows startup may cause conflict. As a result, Origin may crash by showing you various errors. So, I suggest you perform a clean boot. Then, try to identify which is the problematic service. Just, Uninstall it or keep it disabled in startup items.

5. Use VPN

In some cases, The internet connection you are using may be the problem. As a result, Origin can’t access to the remote server. To get rid of this type of situation, using different internet connections is a good option. In this case, You can try a VPN service like Surfshark or Ivacy VPN or any other VPNs you want. Then, Try to launch the origin again. I hope you won’t encounter the problem again.

6. Check If EA/Origin Server is Down or Not

It is rare. But, It may happen. Sometimes, EA or Origin server may go through some problem. I had similar problem. The EA login system was not working. As a result, I was encountering origin has encountered a serious problem issue. However, Later, I checked online and found a huge number of users were also facing similar issue. In this case, Just keep your patience. The problem will go away automatically.

Screenshot: Origin has encountered a serious problem and must close

7. Re-Install Origin Client

It is the last method to fix origin has encountered a serious problem. If any of the methods mentioned above doesn’t work, you can uninstall the origin client completely. In this case, You can use IObit Uninstaller or Revo Uninstaller or even Ashampoo Uninstaller. These tools can completely remove any app or programs from the computer. So, there won’t be any leftovers. Then, Try to install the origin again.

Basically, These are the most effective ways to fix origin has encountered a serious problem and must close. If you know any better method, feel free to share it in the comment box.


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