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ExplorerMax Review – Is it Better than Your Existing File Explorer for Windows 10?

If you aren’t happy with Windows 10 file explorer, I suggest you to have a look in this ExplorerMax review.

In Windows 10, the built-in file explorer hasn’t been improved so much. It also doesn’t look modern. As a result, Many users aren’t happy with it. But, there are some third-party solutions that can make your file explorer decent. OSToto’s ExplorerMax is one of them. It is a chrome-like file manager for Windows with tabbed browsing facility and many more. However, In this ExplorerMax review, you will learn about it deeply including pros and cons.

ExplorerMax Screenshot 1

ExplorerMax Review: Features

This third-party file manager with extra features is ideal for many Windows 10 users. Especially, if someone wants the tab feature in file explorer, it can be a nice option. Currently, ExplorerMax has following features-

  • All Windows Explorer Features
  • Tab Browsing
  • Timeline
  • Dual Pane
  • Quick Search

ExplorerMax is basically like an addon for Windows Explorer. It adds additional features mentioned above on existing Windows explorer. As a result, users get decent experience.

ExplorerMax Screenshot 2

All Windows Explorer Features

ExplorerMax has all windows explorer features plus extra useful options. You already know about Windows explorer well. So, I don’t need to explain the existing features. But, Let’s look at the extra features that ExplorerMax has-

Tab Browsing:

Microsoft had a plan to release the tab browsing feature on Windows. Unfortunately, that is dead with old Edge. We are not sure if MS will bring it in the future or not. However, With third-party tools like ExplorerMax, you can get tab browsing experience all over the file explorer. As a result, you won’t have to face difficulties while navigating to different folders. Personally, I have been using it for a few weeks. I’m now so much use to it and don’t want to miss this feature.

ExplorerMax TimeLine


In Windows Explorer, Microsoft recently has introduced the group by date modified option. However, It is a good feature. But, ExplorerMax has something better. The timeline feature separates everything based on the date. It doesn’t look messy. When you click on any time frame, it will show only the files of that date. It won’t show everything in the same window. So, Everything looks very simple and clear. You also can view only specific files like photos or documents. It is another excellent side of the ExplorerMax Timeline feature.

Dual Pane:

The Dual Pane is another useful feature. For many reasons, you need to work on two different folders simultaneously. In this case, Two separate windows can be painful to work with. Two tabs somehow work. But, If you can work side by side, that is the actual solution. ExplorerMax Dual Pane is such a feature that allows users to work on two different folders side by side.

Quick Search:

Many users have issue with search feature of Windows explorer. In some cases, it is slow as hell. But, ExplorerMax search feature is better at least in terms of performance. It can quickly show you the search result.

ExplorerMax Screenshot 3

ExplorerMax UI and Performance Review:

Let’s talk about the UI. The user interface is similar to the Windows Explorer. It just adds an extra layer on top. Overall, there is nothing much to talk about it. ExplorerMax has both dark and light mode. However, It also changes according to the color preferences in the Windows Settings. There is option for override the system color preference though. You can directly choose between two skins dark and light mode from the app itself.

Performance-wise, it is great. In my test, I have not found any performance issue. Everything worked very smoothly and also the quick search feature showed results almost instantly.

ExplorerMax Screenshot 4


Let’s talk about the downside. The only downside is the UI. In dark mode, the bookmark section is not that visible in my eyes. It should be improved. The UI has nothing special as it is just a file explorer with some extra features on top of it. Also, ExplorerMax is not a free app.

ExplorerMax Pricing

ExplorerMax has very flexible pricing. It starts at $5.95/Mo. However, The yearly cost is just $9.95 for a single PC and the lifetime license is just $39.95. There are options for multiple PCs.

Final Verdict

After reading this ExplorerMax review article, you can decide by yourself. Personally, I’m using it. So, I don’t have any problem to recommend it to my audience.

ExplorerMax Review & Rating $5.95
ExplorerMax Logo

Name: ExplorerMax

Offer price: 5.95

Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows

Application Category: Utility

  • Features - 9/10
  • Interface - 8.5/10
  • Performance - 9.5/10
  • Price - 7/10


ExplorerMax is a third-party smart file manager for Windows users. It has brought tab browsing, timeline, and many more useful features in your file managing experience.

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  • All Windows Explorer Features
  • Tab Browsing
  • Dual Pane
  • Quick Search
  • Timeline


  • Not Free
  • UI Could be Better

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