Top 10 Best iPhone Manager Software in 2020

Are you looking for a decent software that can manage your iOS devices very smoothly? In this article, you will find the top 10 best iPhone manager Software in 2020.

You may have an iPhone or iPad. But, Can you conveniently manage it from PC or Mac? You probably need additional software that can transfer contents including photos, videos, and music between your computer and iPhone/iPad. Also, A software that can backup your iOS devices automatically. Else, you also need a tool that may help you with some of their cool extra features. But, Problem is, You will find so many of them. So, It is harder to pick the right one for you. But, Don’t worry, I have made a list of 10 best iOS manager tools that will make it easier to choose the right software.

Top 10 Best iPhone Manager Software in 2020

It is really hard to make an appropriate top 10 list. Because all these iPhone managers mentioned in this article are best in their own category that you are going to understand now. However, here is the list of best iOS manager software for your PC.

1. iMazing – Overall Best (20% Off)

iMazing Screenshot

No matter what third-party software you are using to manage your iOS devices like iPhone, iPad or iPod, iMazing is amazing. It can give you a great experience. The main strength of it is the performance and some unique features. The performance is very smooth. But, What most users like is its Wirelessly iPhone managing capability. It means you won’t have to connect your iOS devices with your Mac or Windows PC in order to backup, file transfer and managing other basic things. You can do all of these things wirelessly or through the local network. All of these amazing things have made it the best among the top 10 iOS manager software list. It is considered as the best iTunes alternative for both Windows and Mac. Personally, I have been using it since last year.

The price of iMazing is a bit higher than its competitors. It starts at 44.99 USD. But, All of these features and amazing performance definitely worth the price. To learn more, Read: iMazing Review

1. Manage Unlimited Devices Wirelessly
2. Automatic Backup
3. Transfer Between Devices Smoothly
4. Excellent Performance and Unique Features
1. Not Free and A Bit Expensive

2. iMobie AnyTrans – 2nd Best (36% Off)

Air Backup Anytrans 1

AnyTrans has been the second-best iPhone manager software in our top 10 list. Like iMazing, iMobie AnyTrans has the Wireless backup feature. But, It can’t manage other things wirelessly unlike iMazing. Else, It has almost all the other necessary features. The price is also a bit cheaper than iMazing. It is a very popular, trusted and widely used iTunes alternative. Personally, I have used AnyTrans in the past and periodically check it to update review on this website. My experience is amazing.

You can read this AnyTrans Review to learn more about it.

1. Transfer Contents Wirelessly
2. Wireless Backup
3. Great UI
1. Not Free

3. DearMob iPhone Manager – Best Performance (50% Off)

dearmob iphone manager screenshot 1

DearMob iPhone Manager is one of the top 10 best iPhone manager tools right now. Currently, It is holding third position (Second runner-up).

If you want a very much stable and fast performing iPhone Manager that also can install an app from any .ipa file, this iPhone Manager is for you. It can install an app without an app store on your iOS devices. It doesn’t require a jailbreak. You will also get excellent performance in this iTunes alternative. All these excellent things have made it the third-best iPhone manager in our list. Its price is also excellent for TechClassy.COM audience. You can get a lifetime license for 2 PCs or Macs at just $29.95.

To learn more, Read: DearMob iPhone Manager Review

1. Sync and Transfer
2. Excellent Performance
3. Powerful App Manager
4. Install Apps without App Store
5. Backup and Restore
1. No Wireless Transfer
2. No Ringtone Manager
3. Not Free

4. IOTransfer – Best & Cheapest

IOTransfer Home Interface

If you have been looking for the cheapest iPhone manager, IOTransfer should be the way to go. It can do all basic media and other file transfers easily and wirelessly. It also has some other extra features that may benefit you in many cases. But, The price of IOTransfer starts from 14 dollars. That’s the reason many people have chosen this iOS manager. It is also the reason I have put it at 4th in the best iOS manager software list.

To learn more, Read: IOTransfer Review

1. One-Click Transfer
2. Wireless Transfer
3. Cheap
1. Not Feature-Rich

5. MediaTrans – Best If You Need DRM Remover

WinX MediaTrans Screenshot 1

The WinX MediaTrans is another popular and extremely useful iPhone manager software. It has all the data transfer feature you need. It is lacking the wireless transfer feature. But, It has a very powerful feature that many other similar software don’t have. The MediaTrans can remove DRM from Apple Music, iTunes Movies, Shows, etc. So, If you are an Apple Music subscriber, You can remove DRM from them and keep the song tracks as a plain MP3 file on any device. That’s a useful feature many users may need. The price is also not bad. You may find its price expensive in other places. But, For TechClassy audience, It is just $29.99 for a lifetime.

To learn more about it, Read: WinX MediaTrans Review

1. Fast Media Transfer Between PC/Mac and iOS Devices
2. Ringtone Maker
3. DRM Remover
1. No Wireless Transfer
2. Not Feature-Rich

6. Aiseesoft FoneTrans

Aiseesoft FoneTrans Main Interface

FoneTrans is another excellent iPhone manager software with some useful features. The discounted pricing is similar to the IOTransfer but a bit better. It costs just 14.98 USD for a lifetime license. That is a great value for your money. Aiseesoft FoneTrans can transfer contents between devices, backup and restore contacts and can do a few more things.

To learn more about it, you can read: Aiseesoft FoneTrans Review

1. Once-Click Transfer
2. Ringtone Maker
3. Contacts Backup and Restore
4. HEIC to JPG
1. Limited Features
2. No Wireless Transfer

7. TenorShare iCareFone

TenorShare iCareFone Review

The iCareFone is another excellent iTunes alternative. This iOS manager is not feature-rich. But, It has some unique features which have made it one of the best iPhone manager software. You can transfer media contents between iOS devices and computers. Also, You can take backup and restore it when needed. But, Social App data transfer and iOS system repair system are two unique features. You can easily transfer WhatsApp and line data between iOS and Android. Also, You can repair common iOS errors by using TenorShare iCareFone.

To learn more, You can read TenorShare iCareFone review.

1. Transfer media contents between iOS and Windows/Mac
2. iTunes Backup/Restore
2. Social App Data Transfer Between iOS and Android
3. iOS System Repair
1. No Wireless Transfer
2. A bit Expensive

8. Wondershare TunesGo

Wondershare TunesGo Review

TunesGo is another popular iPhone manager. It can transfer files between iOS devices and PC and can backup and restore effectively. It has all the features you need to manage your iPhone/iPad. But, The price tag is a bit higher. Though its performance is very good.

You can read the TunesGo Review to learn more about it.

1. Transfer, Backup/Restore iPhone/Android Contents
2. Ringtone Maker
3. Full iPhone Backup and Restore
1. No Wireless Transfer
2. A bit Expensive

9. dr.fone – Transfer (iOS)

dr. fone transfer iOS app manager

dr.fone Transfer for iOS is another popular software. But, It’s a better transfer software rather than a true iPhone manager. The price tag is higher. But, Performance is good enough. If you want a better transfer software, You can pick it.

However, To learn more, Read: dr.fone Transfer (iOS) Review

1. Transfer, Backup/Restore Media Contents, Contact, SMS, etc.
2. App Manager
3. File Explorer
1. No Wireless Transfer
2. A bit Expensive
3. Limited Features

10. FonePaw DoTrans

DoTrans Home Screenshot

DoTrans is Another iPhone manager you can consider. It can transfer media files between devices. It also has features like ringtone maker. But, It doesn’t have a wireless transfer feature. The pricing of DoTrans starts at $39.99.

To learn more, Read: DoTrans Review

1. Transfer Media Files Between iOS Devices and Computer
2. Transfer Between Android and iOS
3. Ringtone Maker
1. No Wireless Transfer
2. Expensive

11. iTools

iTools My Device

iTools is another iPhone manager you can check. It is not well-known software in the community. But, It has some unique features that have made it appealing to a class of users. It may not get its place in the top 10 best iPhone managers. But, If you need a feature like GPS spoofing, you can consider using it. Its pricing starts from 31 USD for a single PC.

To learn about it more, Read: iTools Review

1. WiFi Sync
2. GPS Spoofing
3. Screen Mirroring
1. A Few Performance Issues
2. Some Antivirus Gives False Positive Result

12. Mobikin Assistant for iOS – Honorable Mention

Mobikin Assistant for iOS Screenshot 1

It could not get a place in our top 10 best iPhone manager software list. But, Mobikin Assistant for IOS is something you also may consider using. It has very basic features. So, It may not be that appealing to many users. But, You can still try it if you want. The pricing starts from 29.95 USD/Year.

To learn more about it, Read: Mobikin Assistant for iOS Review

1. iTunes Backup and Restore
2. Transfer Media Contents Between Devices
1. Not Feature-Rich
2. UI Looks Old

These are the top 10 best iPhone manager software for you. There might be some other cool software. But, I found these better. However, If you already have been using any of these software, you can share your experience in the comment box.