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Top 6 Best Driver Updater Software for Windows 10 in 2020

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Need a tool to update drivers? Have look at this top 6 best driver updater software list in 2020!

In Windows, You should always keep your drivers up to date along with the Windows itself. But, the Problem is your time. If you want to update drivers manually, it will take much time and effort. So, You will have to rely on third-party software. This article is about the top driver updater software for Windows 10.

When you search for a better driver updater, you will see plenty of options. But, Unfortunately, Most of them aren’t as reliable as you think. But, You should have one. Because, Nowadays, Problems like the blue screen of death and other driver-related issues are pretty common. So, You should have reliable software that can do all the jobs smoothly. I have prepared the top 6 best driver updater software list for Windows 10. I have only considered the software that I have reviewed. All of them have pros and cons. It is you, who will decide which one to pick.

Top 6 Best Driver Updater Software for Windows 10 in 2020

1. Driver Booster Pro – Overall Best

IObit Driver Booster Pro Main Interface

The Driver Booster Pro is the overall best driver updating software available for Windows. It has some cool features that may help you in many ways. Also, It comes with various offers. So, You have always a chance to get this software at a very reasonable price.

Impressive detection rate, game components update, game booster, built-in common Windows problem troubleshooter are key features. Else, You can configure Driver Booster to run schedule scan to find out outdated drivers. It also can update them automatically without your manual approach.

When we consider price, feature, performance, and user interface, IObit Driver Booster is at number one. It also has a free version. So, If you need to test it before purchase, you can try it for free.

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1. Larger Up to Date Database
2. Excellent Detection rate due to a bigger database
3. Excellent UI
4. Priority game component updates
5. Schedule Scan and Update
6. Has free version and Pro version is available at Reasonable Price
1. No Offline scan and pre-download feature
2. Often recommend other IOBit products

2. Driver Easy

Updating Drivers in Driver Easy

The Driver Easy is at the second position in the top six list of driver updaters for Windows 10. It is very good software especially for its performance. But, It still has cons. The major one is its price. If you just ignore the price, it is an excellent option. Especially, The outdated driver detection rate of Driver Easy Pro is best. If updating the drivers is your main concern, it is the best choice.

Despite being at number 2 in this best driver updaters list, it has an ugly downside. Driver easy has free version. But, It doesn’t do anything except just scanning. It has made the free version useless. However, On the other hand, pro version is excellent.

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1. Excellent detection rate! Probably best due to a gigantic database
2. Good performance
3. Offline Scan
1. Free Version is Useless
2. Not cheap
3. No priority game component update

3. Driver Genius Professional

Driver Genius Interface

The Avanquest Driver Genius 20 Professional is third at the top 5 list of best driver updating software. It can scan very fast and also update speed is pretty awesome. In the past, People complained about the low detection rate. But, From the 18th version, it has changed. It has now an excellent detection rate. When I had tested, I found it similar to the driver booster.

Like Driver Easy, Driver Genius has free version which is almost useless. I suggest you go for the pro version which performs great.

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1. Pretty fast performance
2. Excellent detection rate
3. Some extra useful features
4. Schedule Scan and Update
1. No priority game component update
2. No offline scan and pre-download
3. Useless Free Version

4. Driver Talent

driver talent outdated driver list

With some cool features, the Driver Talent is at the fourth position in this best driver updater software list. It is the only driver updating software on this list that offers lifetime licenses. You also can get the license at a very cheap rate. It updates game components with priority. Driver Talent also can scan offline if your internet is down and update later. This driver updater can be a great choice for Windows 10 users.

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1. Offline scan and pre-download
2. Priority game component update
3. Excellent price
4. Lifetime License
1. No Schedule Scan and Update

5. Ashampoo Driver Updater Pro

Ashampoo Driver Updater Screenshot

In my list, The Ashampoo Driver Updater is one of the best driver updaters and at the fifth position in this list. Its performance is good and the UI is also great. When you use it, you will experience a smooth performance. But, It is missing offline scan and download, priority game component update etc. Also, its detection rate is not as good as other four driver updaters. Except for these things, it may be a good choice.

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1. Fast performance
2. Great UI
3. Schedule Scan and Update
1. No Offline Scan and Pre-Download
2. No priority game component update

6. AVG Driver Updater

AVG Driver Updater Screenshot 2

In this list, AVG Driver updater is in the 6th position. AVG is a well-known company for antivirus. But, They also have this driver updater software. In fact, it is good software. However, the price and performance ratio is very poor. As a result, It got the last position in this top 6 best driver updater software list in 2020.

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1. Auto Update For Drivers
2. Schedule Scan
3. Great UI
1. Driver Detection Rate is Average
2. Expensive

These are the top 6 best driver updater software available for Windows 10. All of them are good. You can use the one that fulfills your needs and suits your budget. If you already have been using any of them, you can let everyone know your experience in the comment box.


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