IObit Advanced SystemCare 13 Pro Review – A Great PC Optimizer

IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro Short Review and Rating $12.99

Name: IObit Advanced SystemCare 13 Pro

Offer price: 12.99

Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7

Application Category: Utility

  • Features
  • Performance
  • Interface
  • Price


IObit Advanced SystemCare 13 Pro can help you to speed up your slow and laggy PC. It also has some security features which ensure your privacy with a faster PC.



  • Improves computer speed by providing optimal optimization
  • Has several security features
  • Basic data recovery feature
  • Tons of features


  • Some functionalities need several extensions to download

If you are looking for a PC optimization software for Windows, you are in the right place. This IObit Advanced SystemCare 13 Pro review will help you to decide between it and other similar programs.

Windows PCs have a bad reputation. It slows down over time. But, You can avoid it by optimizing several things. But, That takes time, effort and techniques. Even, Power users don’t rely on third-party tools like the Advanced SystemCare Pro to save time. But, How is this software? Can it speed up Windows 10? Should you use it? To get all these important answers, I have decided to review Advanced SystemCare Pro. In this review article, You will get all these answers clearly.

Advanced SystemCare 13 Pro Home Screen

IObit Advanced SystemCare 13 Pro Review

Advanced SystemCare is a PC optimization tool for Windows 10. It also works with Windows 8/8.1 and 7. The IObit has released its 13th edition. Now, It is even better than its previous version. It can speed up your Windows PC by optimizing several things. However, It has both Pros and Cons. So, Should you use it? Let’s go through this unbiased IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro review.


Here are the main features of this software that I should mention.

  1. Scan and Clean Junk Files
  2. Turbo Boost
  3. Deep Optimization
  4. Startup Optimization
  5. Basic Security
  6. Hardware Accelerate
  7. Basic Disk Optimization
  8. Repair Tool
  9. Basic Data Recovery
  10. FaceID and Other Privacy Protection Features

When most PC optimization software only provides features for just cleaning junk files, fixing registries and few extra things, this software does even more things including ensuring your security. In fact, IObit Advanced SystemCare 13 Pro has new and improved features that are more than enough to speed up your computer.

Clean & Optimize

The IObit Advanced SystemCare 13 Pro can run a deep scan, detects junk files and cleans it fast. But, It does even more. You have the startup optimization, internet speed booster, windows vulnerability fixer, disk defragmenter, registry cleaner, spyware and adware remover, RAM cleaner, and even more features. So, When you optimize your PC with this software, it also can fix privacy issues with cleaning up your PC.

ASC13 Pro Features Speed Up Tab

Speed Up Windows 10

There might be various facts that cause PC slowdowns significantly. But, The Advanced SystemCare can tweak a few important things that can unlock maximum speed and performance on your Windows 10 PC. It does it by the Turbo Boost feature. It stops unnecessary services when you don’t need them. This PC Tuneup utility also deeply optimize certain things like disabling unnecessary animations, autoplay from removable disks, etc. If you have Driver Booster Pro, it can work with that perfectly to give you a great Windows 10 experience.

ASC13 Pro Privacy & Security Features

Privacy and Security

Oh, I have forgotten to mention about the Face ID. If you enable this feature, you can unlock your laptop or PC by using facial recognition. Advanced SystemCare also works to improve internet speed, DNS protection, provide the anti-tracking facility, etc.

IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro Software Updater

Extra Features

The Advanced SystemCare 13 Pro also includes some other cool features like WinFix, Smart RAM, Internet Booster, Disk Doctor, Disk Cleaner, etc. It also has a feature that can undelete a file that you already have emptied from the recycle bin. If your PC runs slowly due to less RAM availability, it can free up RAM by killing unnecessary background tasks. If your PC boot slowly, it also can improve it by disabling unnecessary third-party services and programs during startup.

Advanced SystemCare 13 Pro User Interface (UI) Settings


IObit has a good reputation to build software with a modern outlook. The Advanced SystemCare 13 Pro is no different. It has a very good, user-friendly interface. The UI also looks very modern and attractive. On the home page, you will find almost all necessary features including the big scan button. You can navigate between Clean & Optimize, Speed up, Protect, Toolbox, etc. tabs when needed. Each tab contains the relevant features. For example, In the protect tab, you will find Face ID, Real-Time Protector, DNS Protect, etc. feature. And, In Speed Up, you will see Turbo boost, Hardware Accelerate, Deep optimization, App/Toolbar cleaner, etc. features.

I have no complaints about the user interface. It is just what most users expect.

IObit Advanced SystemCare 11 Pro scanning for Junk Files

IObit Advanced SystemCare Performance and In-Depth Review:

So, You have already understood that it is a software that includes tons of features. It also has an excellent UI. But, How it performs in the real world? Well, This is the main thing when you choose between different kinds of software. So, This IObit Advanced SystemCare 13 Pro review must include the in-depth performance details. The overall performance of this software is satisfactory. When I used it, I found almost no issues. It ran smoothly and did its tasks completely. In fact, I found speed improvement in my Windows 10 PC.

But, One thing I should mention. When you use any third-party tool to optimize Windows, it goes well. But, When you use it more and try to over-optimize, it goes wrong. Advanced SystemCare is no different. Overusing it can cause minor inconvenience. Also, It has tons of features. You may not need all of them. So, When you enable all of them, it may give a messy feel.

But, Overall, it gave me a quite good experience.

Advanced SystemCare Pro Rescue Center


Advanced SystemCare Pro 13 is a very good software. But, It still has some flaws. By default, it doesn’t come with all these features I have mentioned above. You need to enable some features manually. When you want to use them, just go to the toolbox and click on the feature name. It will download the extension. It is good for some users. Also, Some users may not like it. Another minor issue is, over-optimizing your PC using this software can create minor issues that are common with all other PC optimization tools.

Price and Discount:

IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro is not expensive. It has a free version with limited but sufficient features. The pro version only costs $19.99 per year for 3 PCs. But, TechClassy, readers can easily get a decent discount. So, the price for my reader is just $14.99/3 PCs. A single PC license costs only 12.99 USD. This discounted price is valid for a very limited time. It is a great deal indeed. You can grab the discount by clicking on the button below.

Great Advanced SystemCare Pro Discount + Free Gifts:

TechClassy visitors are lucky to get an exclusive deal from IObit. Now, You can get the Advanced SystemCare Pro with some additional premium software. These are IObit Uninstaller Pro, Smart Defrag Pro, and Protected Folder Pro. You will get all of these great tools including this ASC 13 Pro at just $16.49. In this deal, you can save more than 103 USD. So, Act fast, Before this offer expires.


This unbiased IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro review has explained its pros and cons. Now, You can decide whether you should go for it or not. If you want to know about my recommendation, I will give a positive answer. Yes, You definitely can use it.

FAQ About IObit Advanced SystemCare

Is IObit Advanced SystemCare is Safe?

Yes. It is safe. I have personally used it for a long time. Never found anything wrong and no major antivirus programs have flagged it.

Will Advanced SystemCare 12 Pro Key Work on 13 Pro?

Yes. If you already have purchased or even newly purchase an ASC 12 Pro key, It will work on the newer version too. But, If you have a giveaway license key, It won’t work on newer versions.

How Much is Advanced SystemCare Pro?

The discounted price is just $10.99. But, The original price is 49.99 USD (According to the official IObit Website). But, You will occasionally get it from $15-$30. It depends on the discount.

Is Advanced SystemCare Pro Free?

No. But, Sometimes, We may offer giveaway license. In that time, You can get it free.

Does Advanced SystemCare Pro Really Speed Up Windows 10 PC?

Yes. It cleans junks, reduces memory usage by applying various tweaks. As a result, You will experience a faster experience.

Can Advanced SystemCare Pro Harm Your Computer?

The answer depends on how you are using it. Any PC Tune-Up utility is used to speed up PC. But, Overusing this type of software can corrupt the registry. However, In my experience, Advanced SystemCare has never done anything wrong in my PC.

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